What you need to know?

The 250,000 downloads in year not too shabby, too shabby at all and thank you very much for downloading. We appreciate it. This is probably one guy in Iowa, who's downloaded 100,000 episodes. He is a method that is listen to what equity we really appreciate the so we've had some had some back and forth about this. Some people would love actually true, was given me some feedback. He was talking about one of the problems with having an interview and a brain trust in the same segment. The titles are difficult can have too long of a title for like a podcast player so typically the titles are descriptive of the interview and don't give much love to the brain trust even of the brain trust is usually really awesome to listen to the true and suggested we release to podcasts a week one is just the interview and was the brain trust but yet I've gotten so used to the format so then Jason just moments ago suggested. This also apply when you are using other cosmetic products such as collagen supplements.

How about this we do the regular show and then we release just the interview and just the brain trust at the same time so people if people don't want to hear the interview and I want to hear the brain trust they can still get all the brain trust goodness without that without having to download the whole episode. So yes, with that in mind corporate dentistry. Listeners who are interested or have an opinion on that email us you can go to the Facebook page and write us a note on the Facebook page. That's fine you were looking for. We know that only the people who really care about this and takes to: in email so if this sounds a great idea or terrible idea or whatever emails and what this would look like is on your feed each week you get it would look like three podcasts being downloaded but understand it would be you know we probably label it like episode 53 and then maybe 53.

1 and 53.2 or something like that. So you understand that they're not there the same episode, but I think it's an interesting idea. I think it might be worth looking into. So what is Jason Lipscomb listen all three at the same time he could all ran about the same quadraphonic sound baby straight talk about so we have a really good interview today I want I want to preface it by the fact that worry we interview a deer and shawl from white Spark.ca he's Canadian a. They are a company that that manages the demands a lot of stuff but Jason has used them for reasons that we got this guy off just so happens that he's a great interview.

He's funny and he's super smart and he's like should probably have his own podcast which offers the best teeth whitening products http://www.astoundingweb.org/best-teeth-whitening-products/ he so freaking good on the microphone Jason tell us what you use them for white Spark is a service that helps you with your local search and an analog Dennis out there really trying to figure out Google and how to get better listings on Google and constantly always work, I found I've spoken all of the country about the Google googles the googles and getting up there and this guy is one of the experts and he is actually one of the big guys in the local search world and is very well respected and at the very big yet for us to get on our podcast totally just got some office awesome information http://www.astoundingweb.org/ and they have a company that that helps and if you look at services that are focused just a dentist on local search and see how expensive they are.

If you go to their website and look at all the different services they have and how cheap it is. You will instantly fall in love. I can tell you right ways. It's really interesting because they're not geared specifically to dental services. They are significantly less expensive than a lot of the dental specific ones and we do spend between the two episodes which is this week and next week or the next. Whenever we get them on for the second half deserves too much for one. One episode he talks about a lot of these things it's really worth hanging in there for seriously it's really good is terrific.

They also on top of that you go to white Spark.ca and for you. We gave us a code to use for the dental ask for don't ask. Listeners only dental hack's 15 all smooshed together can be used for 20% off local citation finder and local rank tracker services or if they sign up for local Spark which is the big dog the full service which is a six month service which basically cleans up all your website issues and all that stuff. That's a Jason did that you get at 10% knocked off which is a huge deal physicist. It's unbelievable. So its dental hack's 15 and I just got done with that service said they were really great.

Help me out. They redid my website. They cleaned up my citations. They have local search. They sent me multiple reports about what they were doing how my ranks for changing over time. They also let me in on a service, reputation builder, which workers talk about in the podcast, which developer clears up. If you use some of the other services out there to get reviews. This may be a a less-expensive add on to those my daughter now it's the it's really promising you how you like 27 bucks a month for basically something that that not only does it help you get reviews in the places you want reviews like Google and yelp, but it also can head off at the pass people that might be leaving negative reviews with a relatively simple but ingenious service.